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Volunteer Self Sign up Procedure

This function allows you, as a Conejo Valley Village Volunteer, to assign yourselves for services requested by members. Service requests can be self-selected without the call managers being involved.

Member log in - upper right hand corner of home screen
Select Volunteer Self Sign up on the main menu
If you are a volunteer, but not also a member, you can log 
from the home page by selecting Volunteer Self Sign up


New Volunteers

1. On the Volunteer Login Screen select "Forgot My UserName/Password.....
and you will be asked for your email address and first name. Fill this out and select OK. 2. After you hit the OK button, you will receive an email with a temporary user name and password. Check your email inbox in a minute or so.
3. Enter this temporary username and password into the Volunteer Login screen and select the Login button
A screen will appear allowing you to change your username and password to
something that is easier for you to remember.
4. After changing your user name and password go back to the login screen and log on. This time check “Remember me on this computer” unless you are using a public computer, such as at a library.

If you are having trouble try the help option or call the CVV at (805) 372-1826


Once you login, you will see the Volunteer Self-Signup screen with a Search Service Requests screen.

Open Service Requests can be searched by:
Day of the Week,
Starting location
Type of Service.

If you would like to see all open service requests close the search screen.

The Volunteer Self-Signup screen opens with the Open Requests tab showing those service requests waiting to be filled.

For each service request, you can see
Requested date and time,
Approximate duration,
Member making the request,
General service requested,
Starting location - normally show the member’s town

You can click the Request Description icon in the last column to see the
request’s Short Description in a small popup.

To see more details about the request and potentially to sign up to handle this request, you can click the View/Select icon to see a popup dialog similar to the following: